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  The Equiano Publication

Published to accompany the Equiano exhibition in the Gas Hall at BM&AG (29 September 2007- 13 January 2008), this book provides new insights into enslavement, abolition, and the black presence in Britain in the eighteenth century. Written by leading authorities in Britain and the US it investigates Equiano and his legacy, African British writers, the role of women activists in the abolition movement, and the connections between Birmingham , enslavement and abolition.

Edited by Arthur Torrington, Rita McLean, Victoria Osborne and Ian Grosvenor with a foreword by Lord Morris of Handsworth OJ
with essays by Hakim Adi, Bishop Joe Aldred, Joan Anim-Addo, Vincent Carretta, Andy Green, Angelina Osborne, Clare Parsons, Arthur Torrington, Robin Walker, James Walvin and Helena Woodard
Softback with flaps, 96pp, illustrated, full colour
ISBN 9780709302575
Published by The Equiano Society and Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery, September 2007

  Education Pack

  The Equiano Education Pack

The Equiano Education Pack for History and Citizenship contains eight lessons following the chronology of Equiano's extraordinary life. The pack can be taught as a complete scheme of work, although each lesson can also stand alone in its own right. The full-colour pack comes with an A2 poster and a CD-ROM containing supplementary material.
The Equiano Education Pack is especially significant in light of recently announced changes to the KS3 History curriculum which recommend that the history and impact of the slave trade should be taught with specific reference to Olaudah Equiano. These changes will take effect from September 2008



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