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Community arts projects


The Techno Elders

The ‘Culture Clubs’ are a series of outreach projects allowing local schools and community groups to contribute to and have a strong and tangible impact on the way Equiano’s story is told and the issues surrounding his experience represented.

The four groups have worked closely with the Core Project Team and professional artists to produce work based upon Equiano’s life story, with a specific focus on what Equiano means to them personally. Their work features within the Gas Hall and Soho House exhibitions.

Techno Elders

This group of African-Caribbean senior citizens explored Equiano’s life with artist and storyteller Katrice Horsley. Their giant charm bracelet symbolizes aspects of Equiano’s life and their own. The group also recorded oral histories relating their own journeys to Equiano’s.

The Techno Elders’ work will form part of the Gas Hall exhibition.

The Techno Elders enjoying lunch
Hockley Youth Project

Hockley Youth Project

Working with visual artist Nicola Richardson, this group produced a series of visually striking suits which explore themes around Equiano’s life, particularly his success as a businessman and entrepreneur. They also produced a number of paintings which present images of Equiano and slavery in a pop-art style.

The Hockley Youth Project’s work is displayed in the ‘Unshackled’ exhibition at Soho House.

Deansfield Secondary School, Wolverhampton

A Year 8 class have produced an alternative audio interpretation to the Gas Hall exhibition. The short emotive pieces creatively explore key objects from the exhibition considering their history and the stories that lay behind them

The alternative audio interpretation will be accessible in the Gas Hall exhibition via listening posts and coming soon on the website as a downloadable audio file.

King George V Primary School visit the archives

King George V Primary School, Sandwell

A class of Year 5 pupils at King George V Primary School has spent a whole term studying Equiano with their teacher Miss Heaton. Working with two artists, the students have produced a recreation of Equiano’s travelling trunk. The students considered the things that would have been most important to Equiano and what they would take in their own travelling trunk if they were to go on a voyage.

The travelling trunk will be displayed in the main Gas Hall exhibition.

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